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Your Lemon Law Team

When you buy a new car, truck or SUV, you expect that vehicle to provide you with years of reliable use. The unfortunate truth, however, is that many new car owners find themselves in the repair shop numerous times to resolve repair issues. While some of these repair issues may be covered under warranty, there comes a point when the reliability or safety of the vehicle is drawn into question. As a car owner, you want to take every step possible to ensure that the vehicle you have purchased is a quality vehicle that you can drive on the roads safely. We are a Sacramento lemon law attorney that can help you to learn more about your consumer rights under the law.

Meet Jon Jacobs – consumer law attorney in Sacramento

consumer law attorney in SacramentoJon Jacobs is a consumer law attorney in the Sacramento area that can help you explore your rights and can fight for those rights by pursuing justice under the guidelines of the law. When selecting a Sacramento consumer law attorney, it is imperative that you choose an attorney who has significant experience in this area of the law. The Law Offices of Jon Jacobs has focused solely on the lemon law for over 10 years and has successfully assisted over a thousand clients with their own lemons.

Call Jon Jacobs, a Sacramento Area Lemon Law Attorney Today!

Sacramento consumer law attorney A vehicle is a major purchase, and when you made this purchase, you likely thought that you would be able to safely drive a reliable vehicle for several years or more. When this isn’t the case, you can contact the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs, a Sacramento area lemon law attorney to learn more about whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. The Law Offices of Jon Jacobs, a consumer law attorney in the Sacramento area may also assist you with RVs, boats and other types of vehicles under this law. There are certain requirements that your vehicle must meet in order to be considered a lemon under the letter of the law, so your first step today should be to contact the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs, a Sacramento consumer law attorney to discuss your case in more detail.