Don’t believe the lines that the CEOs of major car companies are selling you on electric vehicles.  Companies like Chevrolet and the General Motor Company are using clean energy as a big selling point for new electric vehicles.  When asked where the energy to power these vehicles comes from, many of the high level executives and representatives of these companies cant even properly answer the question.  So where does the energy to power these vehicles come from?  A power grid that is 95% reliant on coal, which is not a clean source of energy for the environment.  As the region becomes more dependent on the power grid with each additional sale of an electric vehicle, we will begin to become more and more dependent on fossil fuels to sustain the power requirements for these vehicles.  Solar and hydrogen are currently the 2 most realistic clean energy alternatives, and the infrastructure for this is not yet established to offer a clean energy alternative.  Major car companies are trying to deceive you just to sell more electric vehicles so they can line their pockets with your hard earned money.   However if you or anybody you know has recently bought an electric vehicle, they might come with their fair share of problems.  If your electric vehicle is under warranty and you are sick and tired of taking it to the service center for repair, you need a team of lawyers you can trust.  Our team of experienced Lemon Law Layers in California are here to help you and we wont even charge you a penny.  Get the representation you deserve and contact us today for a free consultation, don’t get stuck with a lemon.