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Lemon Law Attorneys FolsomIf you are looking for a reputable northern California lemon law attorney to turn to for professional legal assistance, you are not alone. There are several lemon law attorneys Folsom that can assist you with guidance and expertise in this area of the law, but you want to trust the team at the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs for assistance. Jon Jacobs is the Folsom lemon law attorney who has the experience and dedication to help his client achieve the best results entitled to them under the law, and he will work hard to fight for your rights.

Northern California Lemon Law Attorney

Northern California Lemon Law AttorneyThere are different reasons why you may want to call a northern California lemon law attorney today, but all of these reasons boil down to one thing. That is the fact that you purchased a car that you feel is defective in some way. Perhaps the car has a safety defective or a mechanical defect that you feel is severe, or perhaps there are just so many defects with the vehicle that you feel the car was not a quality product. Lemon law attorneys Folsom are experienced with the Song-Beverly Act, which is more commonly referred to as the lemon law. When you contact a Folsom lemon law attorney, your legal professional will help you to determine if your circumstances may be covered under this law. If so, your northern California lemon law attorney will work on your behalf to pursue legal action. By doing so, your lemon law attorneys Folsom could help you to obtain a full refund, a replacement vehicle or other benefits.

Folsom Lemon Law Attorney

Folsom Lemon Law AttorneyThe fact is that if you feel that your vehicle is truly defective or is unsafe to drive because of its defects, you do want to get rid of your vehicle without losing money. The law states that the manufacturer of a defective vehicle may be required to reimburse you in cash or with a replacement vehicle if it has sold you a defective vehicle. Your Folsom lemon law attorney will help you to explore your rights. He can also represent you in court if you decide to pursue your case against the manufacturer.

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We specialize in consumer law, specifically focused on the Song-Beverly Act or "Lemon Law." When unscrupulous dealers sell unsuspecting customers vehicles that are have manufacturers flaws that the dealers don't consider, we take them to court for you. In most cases, a win is practically guaranteed as a broken or crummy vehicle will always be subject to a manufacturers warranty.
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