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Top 10 Reasons to Call Us:

  1. Free Advice and No Attorney Fees. The California Lemon Law makes manufacturers responsible for consumers’ attorney fees. Even the call is free!
  2. 99.9% success rate. If your car, truck, boat, or RV is a lemon we can help you get the Buyback, Replacement, or Cash and Keep that you deserve.
  3. BBB A+ Rated. We take care of our clients like family.
  4. Located here in California and we can come to you anywhere in California.
  5. Proven Track Record. We have successfully resolved over 1000 lemon law claims.
  6. Connections. Don’t blame the dealer. We have connections at every car company. We know the reps on a first name basis and deal with them all the time.
  7. Specialized. All we do is lemon law.
  8. Quick Resolution. We try to resolve every case as quickly as possible, with many being able to be resolved without having to file suit, but if the manufacturer wants to fight we won’t back down. We recently won a $345,000 verdict at trial against Mercedes-Benz, including a $100,000 civil penalty award to our clients. This is one of the largest single car lemon law verdicts ever in California.
  9. Always Available. Our attorneys and staff are always available to speak with you 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.
  10. We Make It Easy. We take care of all communications with the manufacturer. We work around your schedule and can handle most everything over the phone, email, or by fax. And we work with Jimmy, a mechanical specialist, who can come to you to check out your vehicle and gather evidence, and will be there with you at any inspection requested by the manufacturer.