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Roseville Lemon Law AttorneyOne of the reasons why some car buyers take the financial hit associated with a new car purchase rather than opting for a used car purchase is because of the perception that a new car will be in better condition and will therefore spend less time in the shop being repaired or serviced. Furthermore, with the manufacturer's warranty, you may expect the vehicle to have little or no repair issues or repair costs for the first few years or more of ownership. If you are looking for a great Roseville lemon law attorney to work with today, however, this may have not been the experience that you have had after purchasing your new car. Some people looking for a lemon law attorney today have purchased vehicles with serious mechanical or safety defects. The Law Offices of Jon Jacobs is the northern California lemon law attorney office that you can turn to when you need accurate answers.

Lemon Law Attorney Roseville

Lemon Law Attorney RosevilleWhen you meet with this Roseville lemon law attorney, one of the first steps you will take is to schedule an initial consultation. This consultation with your lemon law attorney Roseville is available to you free of charge, and you will benefit from receiving accurate legal advice from a lemon law attorney Roseville who has significant knowledge of this area of the law. Your northern California lemon law attorney can also help you to learn what results you may benefit from if you do file a lawsuit and pursue protection offered to you under the law. Your Roseville lemon law attorney may tell you that you could receive a full refund, have your vehicle purchased from you or receive a replacement vehicle of equal value from the manufacturer.

Northern California Lemon Law Attorney

Northern California Lemon Law AttorneyThe fact is that the law does protect consumers like you from financial loss related to defects like these, and your lemon law attorney Roseville will help you to learn more about consumer rights. You can schedule your first appointment with your northern California lemon law attorney today to begin learning more about the process of pursuing action entitled to you under the lemon law.

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We specialize in consumer law, specifically focused on the Song-Beverly Act or "Lemon Law." When unscrupulous dealers sell unsuspecting customers vehicles that are have manufacturers flaws that the dealers don't consider, we take them to court for you. In most cases, a win is practically guaranteed as a broken or crummy vehicle will always be subject to a manufacturers warranty.
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