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Roseville Lemon Law AttorneyDid you buy a car that is giving you nothing but headaches? Maybe you thought it was a good deal only to find out you are lucky if the car starts in the morning. If this sounds familiar, here are two pieces of good news. The first is that you are not alone. The second is that there is a Roseville Lemon Law attorney who can help you get rid of your hassle. Some consumers hesitate once they realize they have bought a car that's a lemon. They aren't sure where to turn or if there is anything that can be done. Thankfully, a Roseville consumer law attorney from the law offices of Jon Jacobs has the experience and empathy to help. You can get a Lemon Law attorney Roseville, California who is an expert in the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. This is the federal law that can help you if you have recently bought a lemon.

Lemon Law Attorney Roseville

Lemon Law Attorney RosevilleThe Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act is well known to many a Roseville consumer law attorney in California. The Act requires a manufacturer to make an offer after they have made a reasonable number of attempts to repair a vehicle. The Act does not require the car owner to initiate action. Most Lemon Law attorney Roseville, California agree that this makes it much easier and fair for consumers. At the law offices of Jon Jacobs, all we do is Lemon Law. That's why we are the sought after experts for thousands of California vehicle owners. We are proud of the money back, cash settlements and replacements we have obtained for hard working consumers just like you. Our success in litigation is a matter of pride for us, and it's why so many of our clients have recommended us to their friends and family members.

Roseville Consumer Law Attorney

Roseville Consumer Law AttorneyHave you taken your car, truck or RV in for the same repair four times in the past 18 months? If so, you might have purchased a lemon. A Roseville Lemon Law attorney can answer any questions you have. We have had successful settlements for many different makes and models of cars including:

No matter what kind of car you are driving if it's a lemon our Roseville consumer law attorney wants to help.

Some folks think they can represent themselves when they go up against a manufacturer. We are one of the best Lemon Law attorney Roseville has to offer and we are here to say it's not a good idea. Manufacturers have deep pockets and they hire experienced attorneys who know the law. Do not let the purchase of a defective car get you down. Hire a Roseville Lemon Law attorney today.

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We specialize in consumer law, specifically focused on the Song-Beverly Act or "Lemon Law." When unscrupulous dealers sell unsuspecting customers vehicles that are have manufacturers flaws that the dealers don't consider, we take them to court for you. In most cases, a win is practically guaranteed as a broken or crummy vehicle will always be subject to a manufacturers warranty.
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