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Our mission is to help consumers get out of their problematic, unreliable vehicles, and our number one goal is client satisfaction. We’re proud to share with you what some of our previous clients have to say.

Please note, these testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Complete Buyback – 2012 Chevrolet Colorado

Kayla, Kathy, John and Pete,

Hello there, just wanted all of you to know, GM did pay off the truck, and I just got a check in the mail for over payment of $15.08, the other check for the pay off has cleared, all is good.

Thank you all again so much for making this painless!

This is what you and your office did for me, I am grateful to you all!

Diana R.
Marin County, CA
June 2014

Complete Buyback – 2016 Toyota Tacoma

The law offices of Jon Jacobs was nothing less than outstanding during my lemon nightmare!

They have great communication skills, always ensuring I was up to date on where the process was at.
They ensured that I got the money I deserved from the manufacturer with little stress and within a very timely manner. I have no complaints at all. Everyone at the law offices of Jon Jacobs was always friendly and helpful whenever I needed.

So if you have a lemon and are looking for a lawyer do yourself a favor and call the law office of Jon Jacobs.

November 21, 2017

Complete Buyback – 2013 Subaru Outback

These guys are EXCELLENT – after many unsuccessful trips to the dealer and phone calls with the manufacturer, I turned over the case to this law firm. They exceeded my expectations and got the manufacturer to buy back the car for much more than its value as a used car, and it didn’t cost me anything. The process was easy, and everyone I spoke to at the firm was very impressive – from evaluating the case all the way through turning the car back in, the team at the law firm was super responsive, really good at explaining next steps, and moving the case forward to a very nice settlement. I seldom write reviews, but these guys really deserve the positive PR.

November 7, 2017

Complete Buyback – 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Mr. Jacobs law firm was fabulous! Each and every member was extremely knowledgeable about the lemon laws and how exactly to proceed in the particular situation. I was amazed at how efficient the attorneys and staff were and that they were always there to answer any questions that I had. I had a prior “lemon law attorney” who was supposedly a specialist and I had to fire him as it soon became clear he was not taking my case seriously and was not doing a good job at all. After finding Mr. Jacobs firm, I could not have been happier with either the office or the outcome of my case.

Sherre S.
Alameda County, CA
September 2014

Complete Buyback – 2013 Hyundai Genesis

Hi Kathy,

Received your check late this afternoon. Thank you very much!

Also wanted to let you know that, through a lot of searching, I found a Subaru 2015 BRZ Ltd. that is arriving in early July. I have it reserved. Through Jon’s recommendation I test drove a BRZ and immediately decided it was the car for me. Many thanks to him for bringing the BRZ to my attention.

All is going well, and I thank you for all your help. I have really enjoyed being involved with you, Pete, and Jon. I couldn’t have chosen a better team to represent me. I will highly recommend your firm to anyone who has the same problem as me with their vehicle.

… I will definitely let you know when I get the BRZ and will be glad to send pics…

Thank you for extending the invitation to communicate with you regarding vehicles. I really appreciate your kindness and all your help. You are a great group of people!

My best wishes for your continued success (also for Jon to have a speedy recovery from his injury.)

Best regards

Noelle G.
Orange County, CA
June 2014

Complete Buyback – 2013 Ford Focus – Transmission Problems

Hi Jon, Kathy and everyone else,

I just wanted to thank you all again for your hard work and helping me resolve my issues with my vehicle. I am extremely happy with the results and can’t thank you enough.

Yesterday I was able to go lease a brand new 2014 Hyundai Sonata SE and couldn’t be happier to have a safe and reliable vehicle.

Thank you all again!

Matt D.
Sacramento County, CA
June 2014

Complete Buyback – 2011 Nissan Juke Turbo

Thank you so much for getting me through the lemon law process and getting the car bought back! I went into this with a lot of apprehension that it was going to be a losing battle going up again Nissan when my main complaint was a strange engine noise and not breakdown issues, but you came through as promised! I know I’d still be fighting with them just to look at the car if I hadn’t contacted you, and I might have even given up and just been stuck with a junky sounding car that nobody would buy. Nissan’s attitude of “let’s just wait and see if it breaks down” would have left me with a car I couldn’t resell, or with my luck a huge breakdown right after the warranty ended!

I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve received from your office. My calls and concerns were always addressed on the spot or returned very quickly, and I always felt confident at the end of a call that we were on the same page and my questions were answered. After making many, many trips to the dealer on my own before contacting you, it was so great to have someone from your office with me every time so that they knew they couldn’t just keep brushing me off. Finally, they started listening to me!

To anyone with a lemon considering a lawyer, I highly recommend this office. Since it’s a small firm, you really get the advantage of working with people who know you by name and know the details of your case when you call. I knew that my case mattered to them more than just a name on a file sitting on their desk, and having a familiar face at the dealer meetings was such a relief. And after fighting for months by myself with the dealership, it was great to be able to hand over the keys to Jimmy and let him deal with the inspections and to make sure the dealer was documenting things correctly.

They were always very upfront about reasonable expectations in terms of timeline and outcome, and while it did take the full year that they predicted it could, I’m amazed they got me a buyback without having to go to court. Best of all, since the lemon law requires the dealer to pay lawyer fees, I never had to pay for a single expense out of my pocket after the initial filing, which was my biggest concern about retaining a lawyer.

If you have a lemon, the law is on your side. Stop fighting the manufacturer alone! Honestly, it’s the best money I never spent!

Heather W.
Placer County, CA
May 6, 2013
Resulted in a complete buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Complete Buyback

Jon & Kathy,

It seems as if thank you is in inadequate to truly express my gratitude for all your hard work on my behalf. From the moment I made my first call to your office I felt I had found someone who cared about people and was willing to fight injustice on any level. You both demonstrate the love and kindness God endows us all with and how to express it in a profession where I know it is not always easy. I will never forget the kindness you showed me and my family. I will pray that God will continue to Bless your home, family and business.

Chico, CA
Chevy Silverado

Complete Buyback

Because of numerous and substantial mechanical problems I ended up with Ford product that was useless. I accessed the Ford in-house customer service complaint program and the local dealer. The are both a total and complete facade. Fortunately, I hooked up with Jon Jacobs, Lemon Law Attorney. Within a short period of time he forced Ford to buyback my diesel truck with no costs to me. Every thing Jon told me he backed up and came through with. As a retired police supervisor, I have worked with many attorneys and have respect for few. That’s not the case with Jon. He is a credit to his profession and truly a savior for us little people. Again, thanks for all your help and I wish you and your staff the best.
Semper Fi

Nevada City
2005 Ford F250
Resulted in a complete buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Buyback, Fees Paid

I highly recommend Law Offices of Jon Jacobs if you are having problems with your new vehicle like i did. They made it very easy and understanding for me throughout the whole process. It couldn’t have been completed any better and professional than it was. Thank You all again for your help with my dilemma on my truck!

Penn Valley, CA
2005 Ford F250R
Resulted in a buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer

Cash Settlement

Our family would like to Thank You for your help in regards to our Ford F-250 truck. We feel your office and staff did an outstanding job in satisfying us as a client, and not only are we satisfied with the outcome of our case, but we are impressed by the time it took to settle. It was a great offer and we are very happy that we even got to keep the truck. Thanks again, we will most definitely recommend your office to others.

D. Bauer
Lone, CA
2005 Ford F250
Resulted in cash settlement of value of vehicle; Plaintiff did not have to pay any fees or costs.

Complete Buyback

My husband and I would like to give a special thanks to Jon, Kathy, Krystyna and everyone else who helped us with our battle against Ford. Jon Jacobs and his staff were not only helpful, but extremely friendly. In three short months they were able to free us from our lemon vehicle, return all the money we spent on our truck from the day of purchase, and relieve a lot of stress and frustration from our lives. There are not enough words to describe how truly grateful we are. Thank you!

Roseville, CA
2006 Ford F250

Complete Buyback

I believe in a world of average performances and sub-par service, that the time should be taken to commend those who exceed expectations. With that being said, I would like to thank you for your handling of my case. I have dealt with legal issues in the past and I would say this was the most pleasant and comfortable experience I have had. I felt you were truly looking out for my best interest, you informed me of my options and timelines, and the case came out as you stated it would. It is important for the consumer to know that they do not have to live with a vehicle or a product that is not performing as advertised. They have options and with you, results without the intimidating lawyer experience. I now have a vehicle that fits my needs and expectations and without the hassle of dealing with a vehicle that didn’t perform. If you ever need a referral, I would be happy to help out. Thanks again!

Antelope, CA
2004 Nissan Titan
Resulted in a complete buyback and Nissan paid all attorney fees and costs.

Buyback, Fees Paid

Both Jon and Kathy are courteous, careful listeners, promptly returning our calls. We are thoroughly satisfied with their service, having received more than expected without even going to trial. Jon is meticulous and professional. It was great relief to place our problems into his capable hands.

M.G. and C.G.
Grass Valley, CA
2006 Monaco Dune Chaser
Resulted in a buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Buyback, Fees Paid

Our experience with the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs has been very good. We had a comfort level during the entire process that was very positive. The caring for our case was more than we expected. All questions were answered, and all the time frames were met or exceeded. The communication to us was very good at all times.

K.L. and R.L.
Hermet, CA
2006 Ford F350
Resulted in a buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Cash Settlement

In 2005 I met Jon & Kathy, when they handled my case for me. Jon and Kathy are two very wonderful honest people, they took care of me and the problem with my lemon. I thought I was going to be stuck with a new car with problems, but from the moment Jon took my case, I felt a big sense of relief. I would recommend the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs to anyone, not only for the good work, but the kindness and the hospitality that came from the heart. Thank you for everything Jon & Kathy, you’re wonderful.

Elk Grove, CA
2003 Honda Civic
Resulted in cash settlement of value of vehicle; Plaintiff did not have to pay any fees or costs.

Buyback & Replacement

The Law Offices of Jon Jacobs represented me in my Lemon Law case against Subaru of America. This was done with no attorney fees paid by me. I advanced the court filing fee and the service fee, an amount less than $400, costs that were returned to me with the successful outcome of my Lemon Law action against Subaru. I was also given a brand new 2006 Outback Legacy, the vehicle of my choice, to replace my 2004 Outback that I had driven for over 41,000 miles. There was absolutely no cost to me. Ford F-250 6.0 liter turbo diesel – engine problems. Case resulted in a buyback including reimbursement of down payment, all monthly payments, and over $18,000 in upgrades, and the clients didn’t have to pay any fees or costs. Ford F-250 6.0 liter turbo diesel – engine replaced 3 times. Case resulted in a buyback including reimbursement of down payment, all monthly payments, and over $7000 in upgrades, all without any deduction for use! And clients didn’t have to pay any attorney fees or costs.

Folsom, CA
Resulted in buyback and replacement.

Complete Buyback

We were pleased to work with the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs. They were efficient, thorough and professional. All of the staff were friendly and responsive to our needs. We were very happy to recover our expenses after our unfortunate experience with our “lemon” and it was all because of the professionals at Law Offices of Jon Jacobs.

Davis, CA
2010 Viking Travel Trailer
Resulted in a complete buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Buyback – 2012 Chevrolet Traverse

Dear Jon,
Thank you so much for all you did for us. I feel so much more comfortable and safe in my new car without safety issues. I would refer you to anyone who needs your help. Thank you again.

Tracy C.
Orangeville, CA

Buyback & Replacement

After two years of struggle to get my new boat fixed properly I was fed up and ready to trade it in for a loss. That is when I decided to call Jon Jacobs. He was able to get my 2003 ski boat replaced with a new 2006 model at no cost to me. Both Jon and Kathy were excellent to work with. Their professionalism and competence gave me the confidence that we would succeed all along. Calling them was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Sacramento, CA


I had no idea how easy it was to have Jon and Kathy stand up for me. I thought that I had no choice in dealing with my truck and its problem. Thank you so much.

Antelope, CA
2004 Ford F250
Resulted in buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Buyback, Clearing of Credit

Should you become the victim of a fraudulent car purchase and end up with a lemon as I did, please call and engage and hire the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs. They stood by me for approximately 3 years [fighting a dealer that had gone out of business at one location] in and out of court winning each time. They helped me, a cancer patient. . . get and recover my judgment and all at their expense [pro bono]. They are a Christian, professional, Do the Right Thing The Right Way Firm. I cannot thank them enough! Because of them I now have a safe car! Thank you immensely.

Auburn, CA
1998 Subaru
Resulted in a buyback and clearing of credit.

Buyback, Fees Paid

I purchased a 2001 S500 Mercedes for $105,200. This car was an electrical nightmare. For over 3 1/2 years it required at least 15 repair visits to the dealer without any or most of its problems ever being repaired. Jon Jacobs took my case on a 100% contingency fee (no cost to me) and was successful in forcing Mercedes to buy back my vehicle after I owned it for four years and nine months. They paid me the full $105,200.00 I paid for it. I would highly recommend Jon Jacobs to anyone. Thank you, R.R.

Lodi, CA
2001 S500 Mercedes
Resulted in a buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Complete Buyback

We would like to thank Jon & Kathy for their excellent job in handling our lemon law case. We were about to give up & and got nowhere dealing directly with the manufacturer of our vehicle. Then we called The Law Offices of Jon Jacobs, good thing we did. Our case was handled with the up most professionalism & in a timely manner. If you think you might have a lemon law case, give Jon & Kathy a call. We can’t thank you enough.

L.B. and J.B.
Sacramento, CA
2004 Volkswagen Touareg
Resulted in a complete buyback.

Complete Buyback

The Law Offices of Jon Jacobs did an excellent job without any hassles. I had an issue with my VW GTI. At first I did not believe I had a case. After contacting the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs I turned in my info and got a personal call about my case at no cost. Very upfront, honest, and very hard workers that always answered my questions ASAP. Very friendly office with great staff. They were always a phone call away. Will highly recommend. They will walk you through the entire process with happy attitude and excitement I can’t describe.

Rocklin, CA
2008 Volkswagen GTI
Resulted in a complete buyback.

Complete Buyback

Having a new truck go bad and leave you on the side of the road can be frustrating. When it becomes a lemon it’s disheartening. I have no time to waste on vehicle that don’t work. Jon Jacobs Law Offices took over my case and that was the last thing I had to do. They did everything! It was great. Thank you guys very much!

Loomis, CA
2006 Ford F250
Resulted in a complete buyback.

Complete Buyback

I highly recommend Law Offices of Jon Jacobs if you are having problems with your new vehicle like I did. They made it very easy and understandable for me throughout the whole process, it couldn’t have been completed any better and more professionally than it was. Thank you all again for your help with my dilemma on my truck!

Penn Valley, CA
2005 Ford F250
Resulted in a complete buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Cash Settlement

We have received our settlement from Ford Motors Corporation and are very pleased with the professional assistance that was given us from the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs on our behalf in achieving this task. We had a great deal of problems with our F250 Diesel truck for several years. We spoke with various dealerships, mechanics and the 800 number of Ford for assistance with our mechanical problems. Their advice and service was limited and yet it did not correct the problems we were having. Having been recently retired we had planned our course, a new truck and trailer would take care of our traveling needs. Unfortunately the 2004 Ford F250 Diesel was not the truck to fulfill our traveling needs. We were plain out of options with Ford, there was nothing more they could do for us. Then my husband was told by a friend that he had heard an advertisement on the radio about a law office that is helping people with problems such as ours. My husband made contact and your firm took it from there. From the onset of communication we were treated with excellent professional polite and patient service. We had our doubts that anything could be done, but your firm assured us that they would do everything they could do to help us, and they did.

Your firm acquired a settlement we would have never obtained on our own and we want to thank you for the public service your firm provides for we the people who don’t have the significant ability as the law does.

We appreciate the efforts put forth and thank you with a full heart.

J.S. and J.S.
Sebastopol, CA
2004 Ford F250
Resulted in a cash settlement.

Complete Buyback

Thank you to the Law Office of Jon Jacobs. We would whole heartedly recommend you to everyone we know. You resolved our case quickly, professionally, and with ease. There was minimal effort on our part-you did all the work. Your entire staff is friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. Thank you; we could have not done it on our own.

Rosevelle, CA
2008 Buick Enclave
Resulted in a complete buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer

Complete Buyback

My wife and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the outstanding job your Law Firm did on our lemon law case against Ford Motor Company. Our 2008 F250 HD diesel, which had nearly 75,000 miles on it, was on its fourth radiator, third starter, it had blown four turbo tubes, had several major oil leaks, had constant problems with its DPF system and several wiring failures. When we purchased the truck in 2007 we were looking forward to traveling the country with our fifth wheel trailer in our retirement years. Instead we were forced to constantly deal with mechanical problems while on the road. We have probably visited more Ford dealerships across the country than most Ford executives. Jon, Pete, Maren and a special thanks to Krystyna for the competent and professional advocacy in this case. It is refreshing to find a Law Firm that exhibits such integrity and skill in this less than perfect world.

Roseville, CA
2008 Ford F250
Resulted in a complete buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer.

Complete Buyback

From the first contact I was impressed with the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs. My inquiry was promptly handled and all of my questions answered clearly. Throughout my case they provided regular updated and promptly responded to phone calls and emails. I felt confident knowing I had a team of experienced professionals on my side.

Folsom, CA
2011 Kia Optima Turbo
Resulted in a complete buyback with all fees and costs paid by manufacturer