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What could I be entitled to under the California Lemon Law?

According to the Song-Beverly Act, consumers with continued problems during the warranty period are entitled to have the manufacturer replace the defective vehicle or repurchase it. If the manufacturer elects to repurchase, consumers are entitled to receive back their down payment, their previous loan payments (including interest), and any amounts paid for vehicle registration, repairs related to the warranty complaints, and towing or rental costs incurred due to the warranty complaints, as well as having any outstanding loan balance paid off after turning the vehicle back in to the manufacturer. In effect, a repurchase “turns back the clock” on a vehicle purchase or lease contract.
Some consumers prefer to replace the vehicle, or a “cash and keep” settlement in which they retain the vehicle and receive money towards further repairs or the purchase of a new vehicle. We work with all our clients to find the solution that’s right for them.