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Free Case Review

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LemonBuyBack.com – Law Offices of Jon Jacobs

You have rights under your warranty and the law. If the manufacturer can’t timely fix your car, truck, boat, or RV under warranty you may be entitled to a buyback, replacement, or cash and keep. This is true even if they continue to cover repair attempts under warranty, only temporarily fix it, or take too many repair attempts to get there, which may be as few as 2. And they won’t tell you you’re able to hire a lawyer and make them pay for it under the Lemon Law (CA Civ. Code § 1794(d). They have experienced lawyers, you should too.

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What Typically Qualifies as a Lemon?

  •  2 or more times in for the same safety related problem in the first 18 months or 18,000 miles following purchase; or
  •  4 or more times in for the same problem within the first 18 months/18,000 miles; or
  •  30 total days in the shop within the first 18 months/18,000 miles; or
  •  30 days or more in the shop for a single repair attempt during the warranty period; or
  •  More than a “reasonable” amount of repair attempts for the same problem during warranty; or
  •  More than a “reasonable” amount of total days in the shop during the warranty period.
  • [Please Note: There are plenty of exceptions.  Please call or email with any questions]

My Lemon Story

I’ve been in your shoes before, so I know how it feels. I’ve had a lemon. After leasing a BMW and experiencing numerous transmission and airbag problems I couldn’t take it anymore. At first I thought talking to the service department would be enough to get the car fixed but soon realized I wasn’t getting anywhere. I don’t want to throw the dealer under the bus, they were good guys trying to help, but BMW was not authorizing them to make the necessary repairs nor sending a specialist to help. The final straw was when the dealer told me if the airbag light came on it was normal and when it went off the system was not set and would not activate in an accident. I knew what had to be done. I fought for and got a buyback. I am in this field so I can stand up for and help people when they feel as stuck as I did.  – Jon Jacobs

Lemon Law Help

We Serve All of California

We serve all of California including Sacramento, RocklinRosevilleOrangevaleLincoln, Granite Bay, Folsom, , Elk GroveFair Oaks, Stockton, San Jose, Fremont, Oakland, and the entire San Francisco metro Bay Area. We also serve all of Southern California including the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas.

Our Code – Our Mission

1.  Help People. We are blessed and fortunate to be in a position to help people and we don’t take that for granted. It is our main goal to help you. Even if your situation is not one we’re able to assist you with we will make every effort to point you in the right direction so you can get the help you need.

2. Client’s Needs Ahead of Our Own. Too many lawyers forget that one. We take that very seriously and put your needs ahead of our own in everything we do.

3. Work for You. We know we work for our clients, not vice a versa. Our job is to provide you the best lemon law legal services possible. We share every settlement offer with you, give you our recommendation, but you get to decide, period. It is always your case.

4. Live and Work with Passion. Do everything with 100% effort and focus. Full hearted and with maximum energy and determination will always yield the best results.

5. Honesty and Integrity. It is everything in this world. We will never sacrifice either ever. We will always be 100% honest with you, telling you what we see and believe, you and your case deserve nothing less.

Call, email, or chat online with the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs for a free case review, free advice, and if we take your case free legal representation too.  We are happy to discuss your situation and provide our analysis of the strength of your case and an estimated time frame to resolve it. We are your California Lemon Law Attorneys and have successfully resolved over 1000 cases. We will deal directly with the manufacturer and do not go after dealers so you can maintain a good relationship there. If you or someone you know is driving a lemon, we are here to help.

We Give Back

We thank the U.S. Military personnel, Police Officers, and Fire Fighters for protecting our great nation and people at home and abroad. For every new case brought on behalf of one of these fine folks, upon settlement we will donate $100 of our fees to a related organization of their choosing as our way of saying thank you.



Your Local Lemon Law Attorney Protecting Buyer's Rights

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  • Thank you so much for all you did for us. I feel so much more comfortable and safe in my new car without safety issues. I would refer you to anyone who needs your help. Thank you again.

    Tracy C. of Orangevale

  • I had no idea how easy it was to have Jon and Kathy stand up for me. I thought that I had no choice in dealing with my truck and its problem. Thank you so much.

    S.A. of Antelope / 2004 Ford F-250

  • From the first contact I was impressed with the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs. My inquiry was promptly handled and all of my questions answered clearly. Throughout my case they provided regular updated and promptly responded to phone calls and emails. I felt confident knowing I had a team of experienced professionals on my side.

    K.A of Folsom/2011 Kia Optima Turbo