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0 Excuses!

LemonBuyBack.com says there is O EXCUSE when your car has a problem under warranty why a manufacturer should not promptly fix it! We've heard all the excuses and none of them actually repair your vehicle. Many times excuses involve blaming your driving style or call...

LemonBuyBack.com’s advice

Don't blame the dealer when the manufacturer won't authorize repairs.  We hear it all the time. People getting extremely mad at their dealer, blaming it for not fixing their car under warranty.  But I tell them I've never met a dealer who didn't want to get paid by...

Song Beverly Warranty Act

California enacted one of the most expansive Lemon Law statute in the Country. Song Beverly Warranty Act provides consumers in the state of California extensive protections from poorly built vehicles. If you purchase a car in the state of California, which is covered...

My Lemon Story

I’ve been in your shoes before, so I know how it feels. My wife had a lemon. After we leased her a BMW and experiencing numerous transmission and airbag problems I couldn’t take it anymore. At first I thought talking to the service department would be enough to get...

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