The Law Offices of Jon Jacobs ( is proud to announce a jury trial
victory against Mercedes-Benz for our client Paul H. Paul’s car troubles began the day after
purchasing a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz CLS from Mercedes-Benz of Rocklin.
What Paul thought to be a carefully inspected luxury car turned out to be a nightmare.
When Paul opened his garage the morning after purchase, he noticed that the car
was leaning to one side. He took the car back to Mercedes-Benz of Rocklin to get it checked
out. At the time, Mercedes claimed that they fixed the issue, but the problem kept
occurring. Over the next few weeks, Paul began to notice more things wrong with the car.
There was damage to his wheels, chunks of tire missing, and a large gap in his hood. Paul
requested that they buy the car back, but they refused.
After months of arguing with the dealership, Paul saw one of our ads and decided to
give us a call. Once the Law Offices of Jon Jacobs got involved, in efforts to quickly resolve
this matter without the need to file suit we immediately sent a demand to repurchase the
vehicle. After another refusal by Mercedes Benz, we hired an expert mechanic to take a
closer look at the vehicle, all at no cost to Paul.
What the expert mechanic found was shocking. Along with the visible issues, there
were even more problems with the vehicle than initially thought including evidence that
the car had been in a prior major collision and repaired using junkyard parts. Simply put,
Mercedes Benz and the dealer should have never certified this vehicle for sale.
Despite knowing the grave condition of the car, Mercedes Benz and the dealer kept
fighting, dragging the case all the way to trial almost three years after Paul’s purchase. Our
Law Offices and Paul made the decision to fight the case all the way to the end, and not give
in to Mercedes Benz’s unfair super low settlement offers.
At trial, Mercedes Benz fought tooth and nail to try to defeat Paul’s claims, but our
super experienced trial attorney Terry Baker (who has won 27 jury trials in a row, making
him arguably the best lemon law trial attorney in California) along with co-counsel Chad
David were able to prove Paul’s claims to the jury. After almost three weeks of trial, the
jury found in favor of Paul and awarded him reimbursement of every penny he paid for the
car. Paul never had to pay a dime out of his pocket for any of our legal services. We never
sent him a bill, and covered all fees and costs. Upon our successful trial verdict we get paid
by bringing a motion to the court to review and award us our fees and costs to be paid by
the losing manufacturer.
If you or anyone you know is experiencing car troubles that just can’t seem to get
fixed, give us a call and we will give you a free case evaluation, and if we’re able to help you
our help is totally free to you. No fees. No costs. No bull.