Every single Chevrolet Bolt produced since 2016 is now subjected to a recall due to a potential fire risk. This includes over 140,000 vehicles recalled by General Motors across North America. GM has reported at least 12 Chevrolet Bolts have caught fire in the United States due to this battery issue with at least two people suffering injuries.  GM is now suggesting all Chevrolet Bolt owners park their vehicle outside of garages and avoid charging them overnight. To make matters worse, GM has no permanent solution for this issue and has given no timeline on providing customers with these necessary repairs. Meanwhile, all Bolt sales have been halted and production has stopped.  You can read more about the recall here: https://www.chevrolet.com/electric/bolt-recall.  If you have owned a 2017-2022 Chevrolet Bolt and have experienced issues, you may have a claim against General Motors. You can give our office a call for a free consultation to determine whether you have a lemon law claim against General Motors. If we decide to take your case, you won’t be charged a penny for our legal services.

Written by Chad David