It actually does cost more to buy an off-brand vehicle. Sure, you might save a few grand up front on the purchase price when buying something other than the main name brands in cars (think Toyota, Honda, etc.) or trucks (think Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota) but buying a name brand will improve your ownership experience. With a higher quality product you’ll actually stay out of the repair shop more and enjoy a much better and easier re-sale when that time comes. Remember, whatever car you buy today you will at some point seek to sell. Great example, I just sold my 10 year old Ford F-150. Sold it without listing it and less than 24 hours after getting detailed to sell. That would not have happened if it were an off-brand. Nobody wants an off-brand 10 year old anything! With how I take are of my trucks and only driving name brand vehicles same thing would have happened if it were a half-ton Chevy, Dodge, or Toyota.

For example, the Ford/Toyota/Chevy/Dodge might cost $3000 more apples to apples to the Nissan but will sell for more than $3000 more when it’s 10 years old and will do so a lot faster and easier!

Bottom line, don’t just compare purchase price. Look at the total cost of ownership including resale! And of course the reliability factor which can be easily researched online.

Disclaimer: All of this is my opinion, based on a whole lot of life experience.