Here at LemonBuyBack we know and love the feeling of getting a new ATV and hitting the trails or the dunes.  The joy of driving through high speed turns on the trails and the steep slopes of the dunes are what we live for when we off road.  Can-Am advertises vehicles that specialize in just these types of outdoor excursions, or do they?  When shopping on the companies site, the front page is riddled with buzzing words and phrases such as, “Off-road livin,” and,”hit the trails.”  An owner of any Can-Am would probably imagine that this means your vehicle is intended for the rugged ride of all terrains, this is exactly what ATV stands for.  So what do you do when your Can-Am breaks when using it for what is shown on their own website and bragged about by their brand?  Can-Am products are covered by a 6 month implied warranty, and this is where getting repairs you deserve can be tricky.  On the company website you can see Can-Am vehicles racing through turns, dipping through the mud, sand and dirt, and traveling through the most rugged terrain the area has to offer.  What do you do when they break and the company refuses to repair within the six months of your intended warranty service.  Some of these vehicles even come with latent defects that prevent you from having the off-road experience you are seeking.  The sad truth is sometimes you get stuck with an ATV, UTV or side by side that is a lemon or does not receive the deserved coverage of its intended warranty.  Here at LemonBuyBack we have successfully resolved many ATV cases because we know ATV’s.  As avid users of all types of ATV’s we know feeling of having a vehicle that is not hitting the dunes as advertised.  You should never settle for a lemon when it comes to your ATV, so call the experts that can help.  We aren’t just car people helping other car people, but we also love ATV’s and want you to love your ATV also.  So get out there and enjoy your ATV and don’t let yourself be stuck with a broken Can-Am.  If you are a California resident and Can-Am or Polaris are keeping you from hitting the dunes and the trails, CALL US NOW and get the representation you need entirely for free.