California enacted one of the most expansive Lemon Law statute in the Country. Song Beverly Warranty Act provides consumers in the state of California extensive protections from poorly built vehicles. If you purchase a car in the state of California, which is covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty, you may be able to file a claim under the State’s Lemon Law Statute. Even if the car was purchased from a private party or from a used car lot, you are protected, as long as the car is under the manufacturer’s warranty and all repairs were done at an authorized manufacturer’s repair facility. If you are having mechanical issues with your car, and you are spending a lot of time at the dealership, we can help you get out of that defective car. I recently had a client who had his infosystem replaced 5 times on top of other mechanical issues. He was at the dealership so many times, that he knew their staff by name and even knew their work schedules. We were able to get him a repurchase on his deeply defective vehicle, which gave him the flexibility to get himself into a newer car of his choosing.

Rene Dupart, Esq.