2015-2019 FORD F-150 LEMON ALERT – Instrument Panel Warped/Separated at Defrost Vents. Ford recently issued TSB 19-2041 to address this problem. Some of the dashboards are warping and separating. We’ve even seen one that warped so bad it affected the opening of the glove box. Ford knows of the problem and has been trying to address it. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen a replacement dash section warp the same way the original did. So if your ’15-’19 F-150 is having this problem you may need our help. Why should a new/newer truck’s dash warp? And worse yet, why should you be stuck with them tearing apart your dashboard, leaving your truck in a refurbished state when you paid a lot of money to buy a new one, in efforts to avoid these types of problems?

Even if they fix it, why risk it happening again beyond the 3/36 warranty when it will then cost you an arm and leg to get repaired again? We can help you get a buyback, replacement, or cash for proper repairs. Our review of your potential case is totally free, and if we accept the case so too is our representation. We are here to help! LemonBuyBack.com. (866) No Fee To You. Of****@le**********.com. (916) 663-6400 and (951) 526-2444. *Note, the photo is from TSB 19-2041 itself